Ferguson, MO –  In the thick of the desperate fight to hold rioters at bay last night, Ferguson Mayor James Knowles stated to a local news source that he and his contacts at the County Executive’s Office, as well as commanders out on the streets, had made several desperate requests for the National Guard ( NG ) troops, who were standing by, to be sent in to help protect the city’s business district. At the time of his statement to the press, all requests made to the Governor had been ignored.

Mayor Knowles said that he was not able to get through to anyone on the phone and had tried every contact number he knew, including those of state and federal office holders.  He apparently left several messages, none of which had at that point, been returned. He went on to say that a representative from the County Executive’s Office indicated to him that the representative had made direct contact, presumably with the Governor’s office, to request the National Guard’s assistance,  but was not given a clear answer.

The Mayor voiced his exasperation over Missouri Governor Nixon’s failure to provide adequate help for law enforcement in containing the violent riots, in spite of the fact that Nixon had publicly assured Mayor Knowles, law enforcement, and the citizens of Ferguson that he was fully prepared for the worst of situations.

Fox2Now out of St. Louis continued reporting on the riots this morning, as they tallied the immense destruction that occurred last night in Ferguson. The news channel also did a brief on camera interview with former Ferguson Mayor, Brian Fletcher, at which time he voiced his disgust over the Governor’s incompetency in not providing adequate resources that were clearly at his disposal to deploy. He goes as far as asking for Governor Nixon’s resignation.

“It’s amazing how unprepared the governor was not having the National Guard at a moments notice as he said he would. Three months to prepare for this. He said himself, we’re preparing for the worst. Well the worst came and they weren’t prepared,” said Fletcher.

“He failed the City of Ferguson and he failed the state of Missouri and he should resign.”

Could the chaos and destruction have been better contained with the addition of the National Guard troops in the vicinity? I have no doubt that it would have been far less violent had they been deployed to the area.

The real question is, why weren’t they sent in? Was it merely a case of  lack of proper planning and poor communication or were they kept out of the area deliberately?  What reason would politicians have to allow that city to burn, rather than send in the extra resources that were standing by?

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