(from Weasel Zippers)Multiple groups were out tonight in Ferguson for a “Weekend Of Resistance”. One of the things they were supposedly protesting against was the killing of VonDerritt Myers a couple of days ago in the nearby area of Shaw. Myers was shot several times by a police officer after Myers first fired on the officer, according to the police. A gun was found near Myers body.

Police say they have also recovered the bullets shot at the officer. Myers’ family insisted he was unarmed, that all he had in his hands was a sandwich. And with that the organizers and people trying to pimp for ‘revolution’ were off to the races, accusing the police once again of murder.

But quickly, just as Brown had been revealed to have been essentially fleeing a strong arm robbery, VonDerritt Myers’ background began to emerge. Despite only being 18, Myers had other charges, including a gun charge. He was still supposed to be on house arrest, and not supposed to be out.

Its not easy being a thug

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