Things once again got super intense in Ferguson Tuesday night, as more rioters, looters, and just all around violent individuals flooded into the streets to express their extreme displeasure with the grand jury decision to not charge Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

While things were a bit more contained than they were on the previous night, demonstrators took it upon themselves to share their distaste for St. Louis police in a rather unsanitary and quite disgusting way.

Check it out.

From CBS St. Louis:

Demonstrators returned Tuesday to the riot-scarred streets. But with hundreds of additional troops standing watch over neighborhoods and businesses, the protests had far less destructive power than the previous night. However, officers still used some tear gas and pepper spray, and demonstrators set a squad car on fire and broke windows at City Hall.

The St. Louis County Police Department reports 45 people were arrested Tuesday night.
St. Louis County Police tweeted the urine-filled bottles that were thrown at police.

urine bottles

So that’s pretty gross, right?

Sort of debunks the mainstream media myth about “peaceful protests” doesn’t it?

I’m not an expert on community organizing, nor have I been involved in many protest demonstrations, but I’m almost positive there are better ways to express your dislike of local law enforcement, most of which don’t involve the spreading of diseases through the tossing of one’s bodily waste.

This is exactly why folks need to not only be praying for Ferguson protesters to snap out of their blind rage, but also for the police and National Guard troops who are working hard to keep the peace.

They’re certainly going to need all of the prayers they can get over the next few days.

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