Ferguson Protestors Kick Off New Year’s Eve By Storming St. Louis Police Headquarters (VIDEO)


Anti-police protests that have taken place around the the country for the past few months show no signs of ending. This is especially true in the place that spawned them, St. Louis.

Today, Ferguson protestors stormed the police headquarters in St. Louis. According to the St. Louis American, the protestors shouted demands and were eventually arrested after about 25 minutes.

Protestors occupied the St. Louis City police headquarters, at 1915 Olive St. – saying it was part of their New Year’s resolution is “to take back our justice system, and in doing so reclaiming the promise of our future.”

At 11 a.m., a diverse group of about 20 entered the headquarters with a list of 11 demands – including more transparent police protocol and required screenings of officers fired from other police departments. They sat in a circle in a hallway, where activist Elizabeth Vega shouted out the list of demands. They also served the police an “eviction notice.” More protestors gathered outside the headquarters.

About 25 minutes after occupying the department, some protestors were arrested and others were dragged outside.

Here are the demands and the “eviction notice” they served the police with:2 1

Here are some videos of the storming and occupation of the police station:

There were some on Twitter who supported the lawlessness:Capture

However, one person on Twitter asked a very good question that really needs to be answered.

CaptureMaybe there are questions on both sides of the issue that finally need answering.

Courtesy of IJ Review 

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