Untitled-5A politically-incorrect cartoon is getting attention and harsh criticism.

But it also tells the truth about Ferguson.

The cartoon, which has now gone viral on the internet, shows a black man with a “Ferguson, Missouri” shirt.

He’s holding a gun to his own head, as if he’s a hostage.

One line of text sums up the message. “Back off, or the community gets it.”

It’s a dramatic drawing that makes a very good point: The violent rioters in Ferguson are only hurting themselves.

The thugs burning and looting stores in that city seem to take pride in the destruction, as if they are “sticking it to the man.”

The sad truth is, “the man” can’t provide jobs or make positive changes when the entire neighborhood is smoldering.

As the political cartoon so clearly illustrates, the rioting mob in Ferguson is targeting violence against the very people they should be supporting (H/T: YoungCons)

They repeatedly complain and protest about “injustice” and the plight of black lives — but then they guarantee that those lives have no future by destroying anything and everything still standing in the community.

In the last few weeks, who has caused more destruction to the city and more damage to race relations: White citizens or black rioters?

The protesters continually blame police oppression for all of their problems, but it was not police who looted and burned stores.

In fact, officers and firefighters repeatedly tried to protect the city and put the flames out.

They were often stopped from doing their jobs by the same rioters who blame them for every evil.

It’s about time that people of all colors start to face the realities of what is happening.

Political cartoons such as this one might be controversial, but they at least tell the truth.

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