Demonstrating just how classless they truly are, Michael Brown protesters in California defaced a monument.

The monument honored a fallen police hero.

But the rioters defaced it in honor of an aggressive criminal thug.

Before becoming a cop, Jeremy Henwood served several tours of duty in Iraq andAfghanistan as a U.S. Marine.

He returned to the states and became a San Diego Police officer, where he served his community until being shot by a petty thug in his patrol car in 2011.

One of Henwood’s final acts before his untimely death at the age of 36 was to purchase a meal at McDonald’s for a young boy who couldn’t afford it.

After his death, the Officer Jeremy Henwood Memorial Park was named in his honor.

That is, until a group called Artful Activists San Diego put up their own sign, covering Henwood’s name on his memorial (H/T TPNN):

vandalized memorial

The fact that these protesters would cover the name of a man who, like officer Darren Wilson, was attacked without provocation by a young thug is an irony that is no doubt lost on these ignorant activists.

The other surprising aspect of this protest is the group’s name: Artful Activists San Diego.

Artful? Those posters look like they were created by a third grader who sneaked into his older sister’s room and got into whatever she had left over after her last middle school pep rally.

I’d hate to see the protest the Inartful Activists San Diego group would come up with. It would probably look like Lady Gaga’s meat dress after about six days in the sun.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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