Fertile Welfare Queen Demands You Take Care of Her and 15 Kids (VIDEO)

via Mr. Conservative: If you want a perfect snapshot of the dysfunction that is poverty in America, you won’t see a more perfect one than in the above video. Angel Adams of Tampa, Florida, has fifteen children by three different fathers. When her “fiancé,” who had already fathered ten of those children got sent to jail, she says things began to fall apart. She and twelve of her children are now living in a single hotel room, without shoes, without food, and without clean clothes.

Adams blames social services for failing to help her. Social service agencies, however, claim that they were trying to help, and paid for rent, utilities, and even furniture. In addition, Adams admits, community members have been helping with food.

“Somebody,” Adams says, “needs to pay for all my children . . . somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.” And there’s your underclass snapshot: It’s somebody else’s problem.

Having said that, these children are quite clearly in need, and a humane society helps the helpless. What’s appalling is Adams’ belief that she is owed this help. There is no gratitude, only an attitude.

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