Michelle Fields’ THUG Fiance ASSAULTS Journalist At RNC – WATCH!

Alleged journalist Michelle Fields may find herself on the other end of an assault scandal.

Months ago, she claimed to have been grabbed and dragged to the ground by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. She said that she “never wanted to be part of the story” before embarking on a media tour to exploit the non-event, coincidentally ahead of the release of her new book. After it was exposed by video evidence that she had lied through her teeth, that strategy clearly backfired (as evidenced by the 1.5 star review average on her book).

Among one of those who exposed the hoax for what it is was journalist Chuck Johnson, founder of Gotnews, and according to Gawker, the “web’s worst journalist.” I don’t think that Gawker realizes the kind of credibility that title gives a person coming from them.

At the Republican National Convention, Johnson ran into Fields and her fiance Jamie Weinstein, and the following events transpired…

michelle fields chuck j 3

As one user commented, this is much worse than what Lewandowski did.

Hopefully Chuck remained unharmed – otherwise this could very well be the worst thing to happen to him since his father died.

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