Fight For 15: Major Brawl Breaks Out Between 2 Female Mcdonald’s Employees Over Who Will Do Their Job


Ha! Hey you know, at least they were fighting over who was going to WORK. So damn hilarious.

Via BizPac Review:

A brawl broke out behind the counter at a South Carolina McDonald’s restaurant and was captured on video only to become a social media sensation.

The brouhaha was over who was going to make the next batch of apple pies. Do they think they deserve $15 an hour?

Charlotte NBC affiliate WCNC reported:

“According to Chester County investigators, one of the employees was asked start baking the pies, and that turned into an argument.

The employee was then asked to leave the store, but according to the police report, the employee refused. A worker threatened to call the police and witnesses say the employee responded, “’If you call police, I’m gonna beat your (expletive).’”

I wonder if they ever got the apple pies baked?

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