Final Hours: Obama Moves To Grant Asylum To 1,800 “High Threat” Muslims DENIED By Australia

Obama’s progressively aggressive agenda consists of many thing, not least of which is his immigration policy. Under his administration he basically has an open border. While liberals have no issue with it the rest of us certainly do. Unlike places like Australia that turns away migrant boats by intercepting them at sea.

Of course this is the logical thing to do. While we all applaud from home their stringent efforts to crack down on illegal immigration the social justice warriors are banging their drums as loud as they possibly can. The Conservative Daily Post reports the United Nations has stepped into the dialogue.

They have said Australian conditions are unacceptable for migrants. Thus, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull is trying to get these migrants unloaded somewhere else. As a way to get the United Nations off his countries back. Secretary of State John Kerry was able amd ready to step in and help.

Back in the beginning of November Obama got into a secret deal with Australia where he agreed to accept 1800 of their refugees to unshoulder the burden off them and put it onto the shoulders of Americans. But despite the deal, Americans get nothing but more taxes in return.

Due to danger concerns these migrants weren’t allowed in Australia. This was due to connections with state sponsored terrrosim. Yet Obama and Kerry have granted them permanent residency under the radar. They will be distributed throughout American cities and towns without the knowledge of local governments.

Senator Charles Grassley and Bob Goodlatte knew this was wrong though and so they decided to step in and send the President a letter about this dangerously disastrous deal. The letter read,

“On November 11, a press report surfaced disclosing that the United States Government was finalizing a deal with Australia in which the United States would take refugees located on certain Pacific island nations that Australia has refused to admit. Congress learned, through the media, that the 1,800 migrants interdicted before reaching Australia’s shores, could be transferred from detention facilities in Papua New Guinea and Nauru to U.S. soil.”


American citizens have a right to know who is coming into their communities and their homes. The administration took that right away by trying to do this. It is wrong. And they knew it was wrong which is why they were so incredibly secretive about it all. Otherwise they would have been forthright and honest about it.

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