FINALLY GOOD SERVICE: Minimum Wagers Get The Boot, Replaced By 7,000 That Work For FREE

Fast Food Workers Organize National Day To Strike For Higher Wages

From Mad World: As the entitled masses continue to demand $15 per hour to flip burgers with no consideration of future implications, it seems that some companies are just about fed up with the problem. In fact, some have begun remedying the issue of whining employees by simply kicking them to the curb and replacing them with employees that work for free.

Now of course, the left argues that working in fast food is no easy job – and no one is arguing with that. But those working in the profession chose to do so willingly and with the full disclosure that doing so would result in minimal pay, thus “minimum” wage, since it is an entry level job mostly filled by teens and requires minimal skill or training.

That being said, although it’s hard to get by on minimum wage, what else do you expect from an establishment that sells hamburgers for $1? However, despite all these facts and the future implications that a mandated $15/hour workforce would result in, the left is adamant that they deserve more.

Whining Minimum Wagers Get The Boot, Replaced By 7,000 That Work For Free

According to a report released by CNET in 2011, there is quite the difference in tactics between America and Europe. As America was hiring 62,000 employees in one year – 24% more than expected – Europe was cutting back and implemented the use of 7,000 machines that took the place of cashiers.

Although there’s a direct, up-front fee for the machines, they work for free and they negate the possibility of human error – at least on the company’s part. With just a touch screen, customers can place their order themselves before paying with a credit/debit card.

At $8/hour, 40 hours a week, and 52 weeks in a year, the new system could save the company just over $115 million a year on just salary pay. Obviously, as previously noted, you’d have to subtract the initial cost of the machine to see exactly how much they’d be saving, but you get the point.

Whining Minimum Wagers Get The Boot, Replaced By 7,000 That Work For Free

The more minimum wagers want to whine about how much they’re paid and demand more than the company can afford, the more an option like this becomes reasonable.

No one’s arguing that it isn’t hard to raise a family on minimum wage, but there’s actually a simple solution to avoid the instance entirely – Don’t make the fast food industry your long-term career goal!

We’re all capable of working hard and earning what we’re actually worth, it just takes an effort. People can work their way up from entry-level positions. Even if a college education isn’t an option, there are other ways to develop a desirable skill set that opens opportunities beyond minimum wage positions. You want more, go work for it.

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