Its FINALLY Happening! Trump To Designate This Group a ‘Terrorist Organization’

It didn’t attract half the attention it should have, but one of those closest to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Huma’s mother Saleha Mahmoud Abedin was identified in 2011 as one of 63 leaders inside the Muslim Sisterhood. Hatred of the Jews is necessarily a prerequisite for attaining such a position. In fact, one of Saleha’s colleagues as a Sisterhood leader is none other than Naglaa Mahmoud, the wife and then “first lady” of Egypt’s short-lived Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Mursi. In 2010, Mursi openly stated that Muslims should nurse their children and grandchildren on hatred of the Jews.

But is it guilt by association to connect her to the Brotherhood simply because of her mother? Maybe, but that’s not all. For a decade Huma edited a radical Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the US for 9/11 called the “Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.”

Are we really supposed to believe that Huma was oblivious to what the journal was preaching this entire time?

Understandably, many nations have already designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Even Saudi Arabia, a State sponsor of terror, has appropriately designated them as such!

Now, in Trump’s America, we’ll be the next to appropriately name them as much. As Allen West reported:

Donald Trump will work to pass legislation designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, said Walid Phares, a foreign policy advisor for the president-elect.

Speaking to the Egyptian news outlet Youm7, Phares said the legislation, which was already approved by the House Judiciary Committee earlier this year and referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was held up due to the Obama administration’s support of the group.

Clarion Project spearheaded a campaign to educate legislators and move the bill forward over the past year.  The bill currently has bipartisan support.

In November of 2015, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the bill, which identifies three Brotherhood entities in the U.S. including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

“We have to stop pretending that the Brotherhood are not responsible for the terrorism they advocate and finance … We have to see it for what it is: a key international organization dedicated to waging violent jihad” Cruz told the Washington Free Beacon at the time.

Once designated as such, that’s a whole other scandal that Hillary Clinton is going to have to address – why she would have someone with connections to terrorism so close to her.

She wouldn’t have been just the first female President if elected, she would’ve been the first President with a terrorist sympathizer that she considers to be “like a daughter.”

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