FINALLY: Obama Implicated In MAJOR Scandal And The GOP Says There’s Proof


Remember when Barack Obama said in an interview that there wasn’t “even a smidgen of corruption” within the IRS? Turns out that may not be entirely true (go figure) as the GOP has begun poking serious holes in the story of Obama and his administration regarding IRS corruption.

The dots have been outlined for anyone to connect them when it comes to Obama’s flagrantly illegal use of the IRS on multiple fronts. Not only did Obama use the IRS during campaign season to shut down several Conservative organizations by delaying their tax-exempt status, now the IRS is being accused of willingly handing over private taxpayer information at his request.

Lucky for Americans, we may just get some answers as the new GOP majority in the House has led to the investigation heating up once again and Obama being put in the hot seat. As reported by the Washington Times, an email has been sent to Obama demanding all communications between his administration and the IRS since 2010.

FINALLY: Obama Implicated In MAJOR Scandal And The GOP Says There’s Proof

According to the letter signed by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch and 13 other GOP members on the panel:

“We have an obligation to conduct oversight of the federal government’s administration of our tax laws. As part of this oversight, we are seeking to determine the degree to and manner in which the Internal Revenue Service shares taxpayer information with the executive office of the president.”

Providing just an example of the “whoopsie daisy” attitude belonging to the IRS, WND details one instance where a Conservative group was taken advantage of. After simply releasing information to a citizen who asked for the IRS documents of the National Organization for Marriage, the confidential data was posted to a gay activist site for the world to see.

The IRS has miraculously been rife with corruption since Obama has taken office, leading to several Congressional investigations into the illegal and unethical relationship it has with the president. As only the right seems to be targeted, the only thing that could solidify the argument further would be a confession.

After all, 43 groups – all Conservative, mind you – have filed grievances against the IRS, saying they were specifically targeted for their beliefs and values because they didn’t align with Obama’s. The founder of True the Vote, Catherine Engelbrecht, explained her frustration by saying the “notion that the IRS can target Americans for years because of their political beliefs is reprehensible.”

The multiple series of “coincidental” mishaps regarding the IRS during the course of government officials looking into their illicit behavior speaks volumes as both the agency and Obama seek to cover their bases. Perhaps put best, when it comes to the transparent actions of the IRS, Robert Wood stated via Forbes:

“First, there was no targeting by the IRS. Then there was, but only by those rogue IRS employees down in Cincinnati. … Then, top IRS official Lois Lerner refused to testify. IRS Commissioner Miller seemed defiant too and was sacked. Then, there was a year-long congressional investigation before the IRS finally admitted the 2009 through 2011 Lois Lerner’s emails ‘disappeared.’ Then, the backups … were recycled. Then, the new IRS commissioner said the IRS needs a bigger tech budget.

It’s worth noting that there are unarguably several employees of the IRS that simply do their jobs as they’re told, but what message are we sending when the outwardly corrupt are allowed to do as they please without repercussion? Do you think this could finally be the hole that sinks Obama’s ship?

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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