Finnish Teen Brutally Raped Then Burned Alive By Illegal Muslim Migrant From Afghanistan

(STOP-HATE-CRIMES) A 26 year old illegal alien from Afghanistan was convicted of the rape and torture/murder of a seventeen year old girl in Finland.

Ramin Azimin came to Finland as an illegal alien. Under EU law, Finland had to grant him temporary residency and consider him for asylum. His application for asylum was rejected in early 2014, but he was never deported.

Seventeen year old Jonna briefly dated Azimin. After she she broke up with him, he kidnapped her. He tied her up. Placed her in an outhouse, and set it on fire. Azimin told the court that Jonna had committed suicide by burning herself alive.

He was convicted on November 26th, and sentenced to what is referred to as “life in prison” under Finnish law. However, “life in prison” only means you will spend the rest of your life on parole. Azimin will be eligible for parole in 12 years. Most people convicted of murder in Finland are paroled within 15 years.

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