Fire Dept. Tells Atheists Outraged to STICK IT Over ‘Jesus’ Sign!

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As the holidays draw nearer, we’re hearing more reports of atheists groups doing what they can to rain on the parades of the religious right and get us to remove our celebratory displays. However, a New York fire department decided it wasn’t going to cave to a group of angry atheists that demanded they remove a sign, and told them to stick it after receiving a threatening letter about it.

Utica Fire Department Station 4 put a sign in front of their building that reads, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS WE LOVE YOU,” and the Freedom From Religion Foundation lost their minds. The atheist group is now demanding that the sign be removed because they say it’s an “illegal religious endorsement,” according to their website.

Fire Dept. Tells Atheists Outraged to STICK IT Over ‘Exclusionary’ Sign [Pics]

Naturally, the atheist group cited a single unnamed “concerned area resident” as the reason they’re going after the fire department to take the sign down. However, the department’s chief, Russell Brooks, said he has no intentions of complying with their ridiculous demand.

Brooks said that in 2007 he was given legal standing by a conservative law firm to display the sign after the American Civil Liberties Union waged a similar fight against the firehouse. So now he’s using the advice given to him by Thomas Law Firm to politely tell the current group of angry atheists to shove it, the sign stays.

“I was advised by the Thomas Law Center Center that we were well within our tights to display our Christmas sign,” he wrote to the FFRF, according to TheBlaze. “In addition, they would support us, as well as any efforts from any organizations looking to prevent us from doing so.”

Unfortunately, the atheist group is determined to have the sign removed for some reason, and they even referenced Islam in their reasoning for going after the station.

“How would Brooks feel if his local government put up a sign saying, ‘Happy Birthday, Mohammed. We love you!’?” co-president of the group, Annie Laurie Gaylor, said in a statement. “This sign is equally inappropriate because government bodies should not take sides on religion.”

It seems as if they have the support of other atheists as well. The Friendly Atheist wrote a piece outlining why they believe that the sign should come down, which isn’t too convincing.

“I don’t know why it’s so hard to just move the sign to someone’s yard,” the article said. “It’s not like Jesus is going to cry because the fire department’s birthday card isn’t publicly visible. Hell, I’m sure he’s not a fan of fire to begin with.”

Funny, we have the same reasoning when it comes to atheists and the displays we choose to put up. What’s so hard about ignoring it or looking the other way? It’s not like you believe in anything religious to begin with, so I don’t see why it’s such a problem.

See how that works?

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