VIDEO: After Firefighter Refuses Mother’s Request…She Claims RACISM Was A Factor.


Stacey Clairborne was driving in Petersburg, Virginia where she lives. She is a nurse there and she just happens to be black. Her 11 year-old son got a serious nosebleed, so she sent her 15 year-old son into a fire station to get some ice. He claims the firefighter he spoke to turned him away. So, Stacey went in and asked a firefighter for ice. He said sure and went to get it, but the first firefighter came around the corner and told her she could not have the ice and he wanted his men to check out what was going on outside. She’s calling this racism… I don’t think so and here’s why.

After all the police officers that have been killed lately AND the firefighters that have been shot at and attacked all over the place, I think he was putting the safety of his firefighters first. I don’t think we have the whole story here first off. If he did indeed refuse to give ice after he checked everything out, that is just wrong. But we are only hearing one side here. I think I will withhold judgement until I get all the facts. This just doesn’t feel right.

From Americon News:

A mother says racism is the perpetrator when a fireman declined to give her ice to stop her young son’s nosebleed.

‘It was a black-white thing,’ Stacey Claiborne, a nurse, said of the fireman at a station in Petersburg, Virginia, when she says he wouldn’t give her some ice she could use to help her son.

Claiborne told WRIC that she was driving through Petersburg, Virginia on Friday with her two sons when her 11-year-old son’s nose began bleeding.


The term “racist” has been sorely abused, bashed, and burned alive these past 7 years, I really can’t give this woman any mind to her claim. Sorry. But ‘racism’ is no longer a go-to throw away term to use. There could have been reasons plenty of reasons the firefighter didn’t give you any ice…being a douche is one of them. But to jump to racism straight out.

I don’t see how you can jump to the conclusion that it is a black-white thing here. Stacey claims the second fireman said to the first: ‘I said, don’t give her no ice. Go out to the car and find out what’s really going on.’ She said he then began grilling her, asking her questions about her son’s age and name. She said she told him that ‘wasn’t relevant’ at the time and she just needed ice. This went on for about seven minutes until she left.

The matter is now under investigation. If this fireman was out of line and it was racist, you can bet the fire chief will come down on him hard. He’ll be gone. But if we are missing facts here and the fireman was following protocol as he is trained to do, putting the welfare of firefighters up front, then another side of this story will surface.

It always pays to get both sides of a story. Justice needs to be done if it is due here. I’m pretty skeptical of anyone who cries racism these days. I guess we will see.

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