Firefighter Suspended & Jailed By Atheist Mayor For Praying At Scene Of Fire

A firefighter in Dequincy, Louisiana was suspended this morning for praying at a fire. I can’t think of a more in-your-face violation of your First Amendment rights than this right here. 39 year-old Ronnie Edwards is known by the locals as “The Praying Fireman.” He prays after each fire is put out and has since he came to work as a fireman at the age of 21. A devout Christian, he feels it is part and parcel of his work and I agree.

Everything was fine until the town elected a new mayor… a black, Democrat atheist woman. Her name is Lawana Jones. When she heard about Ronnie, she sent out a memo saying that praying was not allowed and violated their contract. According to DeQuincy city attorney Paul Horner, Jones made four previous attempts to address the issue personally with Edwards, but Edwards became more defiant with each meeting. I kind of doubt that. I bet he just stood resolutely and politely refused.

From News Examiner:

DEQUINCY, L.A. (AP) — Early this morning, a small town in Louisiana suspended one of its firefighters, 39-year-old Ronnie Edwards, without pay for praying at the scene of an uncontained fire. Edwards, who has been with the DeQuincy Fire Department since he was 21, was also arrested and sentenced to 30 days in jail.

“I just do what our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, would do,” Edwards told local DeQuincy news station DQLA6. “It’s not about me, it’s about spreading his message, you know? He works through me, I’m just fortunate enough to be part of that.”

According to sources within the DeQuincy Fire Department, Edwards, known to locals as “The Praying Fireman”, has been praying at the scene of fires since he joined the department in 1998, and it is only recently that the ritual has become an issue.

“Refusal to obey an official city order is a misdemeanor and we must take action to address the crime,” Horner told reporters. “We didn’t want to suspend the man and have him arrested but we were out of options.” That’s bull crap and he knows it. They are expunging Christians from their ranks. If that had been a devout Muslim or even a Satanist, this would not have happened. I’d bet on it.

This mayor claims she is not anti-religious… I believe that… she’s anti-Christian. The ACLU is backing the mayor and offering to pay all legal fees if Ronnie sues. I hope Ronnie does and takes it all the way to the Supreme Court.

To get elected, the mayor promised school funding and jobs. Some of that she has done, but is it worth it give your religious liberty? I think not. This town chose very poorly.

“My brother wasn’t hurtin’ nobody,” Edwards’s 30-year-old sister Tami Hobart said. “Most people in DeQuincy is Christian, and I think we all took comfort in knowing that his heart was right with the Lord before he risked his life. It feels like we sold our souls to get that cat food factory and them fancy new textbooks.”

In spite of all that has happened, Edwards says that he is not bitter. That is the mark of a good and devout man.

“The Bible says that there will be sacrifices when you choose to follow the path of righteousness; it says that you will be reviled by the wicked. I will continue to pray that Mayor Jones comes to accept Jesus Christ, and will keep praying that God sees fit to put Donald Trump in the White House, but whether or not any of that happens, I still trust God and know that everything is happening according to his divine plan.”

Every Christian in that city should stand with Ronnie and take it to the City Council. They should raise their voices as one and bring in the media. Donald Trump even says if elected he won’t let this stand. Bring Trump there and set Ronnie free and let him go back to being a firefighter. This is outrageous.


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