FIRING SQUAD: Here’s The LEAKED Emails Where Hillary IGNORED Pleas For Security in Benghazi


Benghazi is the topic that won’t vanish. It’s everywhere. You can’t utter the word Hillary without thinking about the silent H in Benghazi…or the silence that came from Hillary Clinton when Americans wanted to come home after they caught some early warning signs of danger.

Then it happened.

The silence lived.

Four Americans died.

And what seems like moments later we’re facing the Podesta emails and reading the very nightmare that many people have thought about day after night after day.

Evidence that points to Hillary’s silence. The same silence that resulted in the loud screams of our dying Americans. The silent treatment that erupted into chaos, conspiracy theories, and endless articles, news casts, and memories spoken of that can’t be forgotten.

Here’s a few of those emails. They might trigger a response from you, possibly a hateful one, but there’s nothing you can do except accept it. Nothing can change what happened, but maybe Americans can help raise enough angered awareness that we can hopefully prevent this from happening again.

wikileak-hillary-ignores-benghazi wikileak-hillary-ignores-benghazi1 wikileak-hillary-ignores-benghazi2 wikileak-hillary-ignores-benghazi3 wikileak-hillary-ignores-benghazi4

Degrading security…why didn’t we reverse that and increase security?

When Hillary Clinton lashed the words “what difference does it make” about the four lost lives of Benghazi, she must not have put herself in the shoes of the family members of J. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone S. Woods.

It made a difference to their family.

The least Hillary could’ve done was be sympathetic to the families. If you’re possibly the indirect reason that people lose their life, then perhaps a little empathy goes a long way and helps the healing process.

Maybe if Hillary Clinton considered choosing better words, that a huge population of the American people wouldn’t be so sickened by her mere presence.

I know politics are a dirty game and people on both sides bash each other like they’re at a Comedy Central roast talking about people being in gang-bang or who’s face is the most hideous thing on stage – but Hillary brought most of that on herself (the hate from Americans, not gang-bangs).

There’s a way to handle things and a way not to handle things. I’m on the latter end of that because I always end up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time (have you read my articles, oh my – you’ve got to read more) and I end up getting myself in trouble or looks from faces that turned satanic.

But I’m not a politician in the lime light. I’m just some dude sitting home on a laptop acting like a tough guy with a sword made of words.

Hillary is well known and really crushed a nerve when she said “what difference does it make” after being accused of being the main reason that Americans perished when it could’ve possibly been averted.

Even if she was a right winger, Benghazi still took a lot of her votes away.

Doesn’t matter who you are or what party you represent – smart people won’t vote for you if they think you’re treasonous or don’t value the lives of Americans.



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