FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT: Race Relations In America Hit 20 Year Low According To Recent Survey


From Young Cons: President Obama promised a lot of things.

He was going to lead the most transparent administration in history.  He was going to lower the rise of the oceans and deliver the country hope and change that they desperately needed.  He was going to unite the country and move society forward as the first African-American president.

Almost eight years later, he hasn’t done any of that.

Everywhere you look, things have gotten worse under this president and race relations might be one of the areas where he has failed the most.

A recent survey put that failure in perspective.

From Hot Air via Time:

Perception of U.S. race relations have reached a 20 year low after several high-profile deaths of black Americans at the hands of police officers, according to data from a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

Only 34% of Americans said race relations in the country are fairly good or very good, the lowest since October 1995, shortly after the O.J. Simpson trial concluded in an acquittal for the former football star.

The inauguration of Barack Obama as the country’s first black president saw Americans’ view of race relations reach a high of 77% in January 2009. However, the Wall Street Journal notes, there has been a precipitous decline in Americans’ perceptions of race relations since July 2013.RaceRelations

President Obama has had significant opportunities to mend race relations.

The events in Ferguson, Staten Island, Florida, and Baltimore could have been areas where President Obama united the country but as we all know, he chose to divide us.

He completely missed the mark in all of these cases.

In the infancy of his presidency, he jumped all over the racially charged Henry Louis Gates case and accused the cops of acting “stupidly” before he had any idea what was going on.  He didn’t look back.

He politicized Ferguson before knowing the facts and was ultimately wrong.  He took very strong positions on almost every national story involving race rather than hold his judgement until we knew with certainty what happened.

The American people are tired of that kind of thing. They are tired of the Democrats using race to pit people against each other and that was clear well before this survey.

Luckily, this divider-in-chief is on his way out.

Hopefully he will be replaced by someone that doesn’t look at every situation through a racial lens.

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