The First Lady Has Just Made Another Hire, And Liberals Are Losing Their Minds!

For Donald Trump’s entire campaign people mocked and made fun of Melania Trump. Despite the fact that she is beautiful, smart, and speaks multiple languages. What she has in store for us all as First Lady will surely be something that surprises us all.

She has already made the first step in putting together her presidential team. She has hired a renowned decorator for the purposes of decorating the White House. While she spends her weekdays in New York City to be there for her son who remains in school until summer comes she will be spending her free time at the White House.

Designer Tham Kannalikham will be the one assisting her. Senior advisor to the First Lady Stephanie Winston Wolkoff said the following about the new development,

Mrs. Trump has a deep appreciation for the historical aspects of the White House and with Tham’s traditional design and expertise, they are focusing on a seamless integration of elegance and comfort into where the President, the First Lady, and [their son] Barron will be spending their family time and calling their home.”

It remains unknown what charitable cause the First Lady will be spearheading as the First Lady. Which is common for all wives of Presidents. For Michelle’s Obama, it was access to education for young girls and childhood obesity. For Barbara Bush, it was education and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. For Nancy Reagan, it was the war on drugs. That remains to be seen for First Lady Melania Trump.

However, decorating the White House certainly appears to be a step in the right direction. Yet liberals are still complaining that she remains in New York City and not in Washington D.C. Certainly, nothing can please them. She is damned if she does and damned if she does not. That will not change anytime soon.

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