First Robot-Powered Burger Joint Stops Minimum Wage Argument Cold! Look What This Machine Does!

We warned you that this would happen. Instead of gaining new skills and upgrading to a higher paying job, Obama has stirred up your hearts that you should get paid as much as a Doctor for flipping burgers. And so you threw a tantrum and pounded sand and for some reason we listened because we felt sorry. We left behind our good sense and forgot our semester of Economics 101 and we gave in. Minimum wage was raised on businesses. Businesses bent over and tried to restructure and figure out how to pay the higher wages for menial unskilled jobs.

They started making up for the profit loss with automatic kiosks that would replace the person who takes your order and asks you if “you would like fries and a drink with that” (if they were any good at their job). I know… I had this job and I was a star because I ALWAYS did the upsell without shame. Then they tried to cut costs by cutting corners on the quality or just plain raising the prices which resulted in people demanding higher wages were now paying MORE for everything with the rest of us.

4 years ago there was a secretive robotics startup with Momentum Machines. They debuted a machine that could crank hundreds of burgers made to your order. Completely automated it showed promise of satisfying the minimum wage war by replacing unskilled workers demanding more whereas robotics demands nothing but some oil in the hinges every so often.

Now it looks like the restaurant is actually happening. A job posting on Craigslist from early June gives us our first glimpse into how the company’s future flagship, presumably opening soon, might work.

“This location will feature the world-premiere of our proprietary and remarkable new advances in technology that enable the automatic creation of impossibly delicious burgers at prices everyone can afford,” the ad explains.

What do you think of auto-burgers? They’re not pretty but once they work the kinks out politicians will have what they want… higher wages for unskilled jobs, restaurants will have what they want… comply with government reg but not destroy profit margins, and the unskilled workers will have accomplished everything we’ve been telling them: 1. You will cause the price of everything to go up and 2. Your company will most likely have to fire you to cut costs. Told-ya-so!

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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