First Time Since Nazi-Era: Germany Considers Deploying Military to Man Streets


From Truth Revolt: Here’s irony for you. Rather than deal with the problem properly from the beginning for fear of being labeled “racist,” Germany, overrun by terror-threats, now must resort to Nazi-era measures in order to keep its citizenry safe.

According to the Telegraph and other reports circulating, germany is now on the verge of deploying its military to man the country’s streets — a tactic not taken since World War II.

That should bode well for their PR-campaign.

German Ministers reportedly broached the sensitive subject following Tuesday evening’s bomb threat outside a soccer stadium in Hanover. The scheduled match between germany and Holland was canceled after intelligence information surfaced signaling a potential terror attack in the area. Terrorists planed to detonate multiple explosives around the city, including at the stadium where Chancellor Angela Merkel was slated to be in attendance.

Now the country is debating if it should send in the troops.

Wolfgang Schäuble, the finance minister, has publicly called for the military to be used in the event of coordinated terror attacks on a German city.

“If we had a situation like Paris, perhaps with attacks in three of four places, we’d have to think about whether our police capabilities are enough,” Mr Schäuble told the Rheinische Post newspaper. “What can we do to support security forces that are already overwhelmed on some normal weekends in the face of great challenges?”

Germany’s constitution states that armed forces can be deployed in any crisis, but opponents of the plan say the police are doing a fine job on their own.

Thomas de Maiziere, the interior minister, said the police were “vigilant and well-prepared” and he saw “no need” for the military to become involved. “I don’t think this would help at the moment,” said Holger Münch, the federal police chief. “I don’t think it would be a wise step.”

Hans-Peter Bartels, a parliamentary commissioner for Germany’s armed forces, also opposes the measure. According to the Telegraph Bartels stated that “police tasks are not the military’s responsibility.”

“Soldiers cannot and must not do these things, unless there is a state of emergency.”

One wonders what constitutes a state of emergency if not the current situation with Islamic extremism ravaging Europe, and in particular, France and germany.

Since the terror attack in Paris, even France has deployed approximately 1,500 troops to man landmarks and tourist attractions, according to reports. Will Germany, afraid of its past transgressions, again capitulate to the politically correct and refrain from taking potentially “extreme” measures to protect its people? Only time will tell just how far this pendulum will swing.

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