Five Little Girls Had No Clue What Was Coming When 2 Muslim Migrants Joined Them For A Swim

The left has been in a tailspin ever since President Donald Trump announced his migrant ban. The reason for this temporary ban is just to ensure that the vetting process is secure, but liberals cannot seem to understand that simple point. Well, maybe this terrifying news report from Germany will change their minds.

A local police report from Germany states that these five girls, ranging in age from 12-14, were sexually molested underwater by refugees in what is just the latest case of sexual crimes against westerners by refugees. The men are said to be 23 and 34 years old and are said to be asylum seekers living in Bad Oldesloe in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein.

What angers me about this crime is that it could have been prevented if they would close their border. The police have been well aware of the growing threat of sexual assault and even documented it in a report dating back to 2016.

The report from the police stated, “In particular rape and the sexual abuse of children in bathing establishments have given us grave cause for concern. The perpetrators are, for the most part, immigrants.”

There was a flyer with rules that stated the bathing rules at a swimming pool in Munich, Germany, pointing out women may not be sexually harassed

When will the German people say enough is enough and oust Angela Merkel for good? How many more people have to suffer at the hands of refugees before Merkel says “enough is enough”.

This is exactly why Donald Trump wants this temporary ban on refugees. While the left would like to spread that they are poor women and children escaping oppression the crime rates tell a different story. The majority of these people are not wanting to assimilate to western civilization, but rather terrorize everyone. They have no regard for human life as this story and many other reports have demonstrated.

If these refugees were to simply arrive and leave their barbaric practices behind them more citizens would not be as wary of them. However, until that moment comes, they are not welcome here in America. I am grateful that Trump is the president and is taking the refugee threat more seriously than Obama and his administration ever did. Maybe now we can get ahold of our country and bring safety and security back to our shores.

What do you think?

H/T [ The Gateway Pundit ]

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