Five Texas Marines Take MAJOR Stand Against Obama Risk Careers Doing This (VIDEO)

At the beginning of July the nation was rocked to its core when five police officers in Dallas were shot dead in a case of cold blooded murder by radical members of the hate group Black Lives Matter.

President Obama refused to honor the fallen heroes after their deaths and instead chose to lecture American police officers about the proper way to treat African Americans. Unlike President George W. Bush who honored the fallen law enforcement officers the way in which they deserved.

Five Marines in Texas saw this behavior and decided to act on it. They were outraged at the disrespect President Obama showed the fallen officers. American News reported these five Marines dropped everything in their lives and rushed down to the Downtown Police Station in Dallas, Texas.

In full military clothing they marched down to police headquarters and saluted the fallen soldiers memorial. The memorial was a police squad car with flowers, balloons and other tokens of appreciation laid out as a matter of respect for the deceased officers.

These Marines showed what true patriotism by standing by their fellow brothers. Those who understand that freedom isn’t free and are willing to sacrifice there lives for the greater good and the protection of others. Even to the detriment of themselves.

Something this Obama administration clearly doesn’t respect or understand. Should Donald Trump be elected president, this type of tragedy would never happen in the first place. He would ensure that we are safe from domestic and international threats of terrorism. Because that’s exactly what the Black Lives Matter activists are.

Unfortunately, the attacks look as though they will continue. Especially after the other attacks on police officers in Baton Rouge after the death of Alton Sterling. Please turn to prayer in this very difficult time.

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