Five-year-Old Girl Was Raped In Laundry Room; Urinated Upon By Three Muslim Migrants… In Idaho! Hospital Hiding Info


This story is horrific and being swept under the rug. Another example of people more concerned with being politically correct then protecting America’s citizens. This time it’s a 5-yr-old girl who is being left in the wake of political correctness… In IDAHO June 2nd!

Grandma Joe walks into the laundry room of her apartment complex and sees 3 Muslim refugees raping a 5-yr-old girl. Since then, the family and neighbor has been terrorized by Muslim men shooting bottle rockets onto their home and standing in front of their doors menacingly. The family of this little victim have also been bullied by the prosecuting attorney, law enforcement and medical authorities. The mother isn’t allowed to see the medical records or transcripts of the 9-1-1 call made the day of the attack, is being told the records are sealed.

The 7-yr-old rapist who put his penis in the girl’s mouth and urinated in her mouth still lives next door. The other 2 attackers (the 14-yr-old filmed the whole thing) had access to children in the complex for over a month before anything happened to them. The family feels terrorized and the little girl is afraid of going outside. The elderly lady and neighbor, Grandma Jo, who was the witness is being terrorized as well by the refugee families.

The Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) got involved and has said that this whole thing is a minor issue. And when CAIR enters the picture, the suspects become the victims. The prosecuting attorney, Grant Loebs, has gone out of his way to imply that this rape was false information. His interviews have led the media and public officials to deny clear facts of the case. The family is feeling bullied and threatened when the U.S. Attorney for Idaho vowed to charge anyone who made false statements about the perps. CAIR is whining that the case has become “a lightning rod for anti-Muslim, and anti-refugee sentiments.”

Even the Director of Victim Services, Angie Beeson, dumped the family and they need to use ONLY the prosecuting attorney, Loebs as their advocate. It is rumored that Beeson is also being threatened. The funny thing is Loebs doesn’t seem like much of an advocate because even at a Twin Falls County Precinct committee meeting below:

Loebs spoke to the Republican members (about 35 to 40 people). An eyewitness said that Loebs referred to “the alleged raping,” claimed that there was a “quick response of the police department,” and said that the media was making things seem much worse than they were, as the incident had been “blown out of proportion.” He said that “two of the three suspects were arrested and held for four days.”

Loebs also said: “The victim’s family is confused; I spoke to them for twenty minutes the day before.” He added, “Twin Falls is not a corrupt place, it’s safe,” and said, that the case was not significant, as there were other rape cases. (Via Breitbart News)

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