‘F**k Your Flag Tour’ Is Taking Off, Protesters Showing Up At Republican Rallies (WATCH)

Black Lives Matter trampling on Old Glory, screaming “F*** your flag!”? I’ve got a message for them. F*** Black Lives Matter and all the terrorist scum associated with them.

You know what’s funny? Even Bill Clinton came out and blasted the group while on the stump for Hillary yesterday. He told BLM protesters that crashed the event, “You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter! Tell the truth!”
I’d say it’s time to send BLM to a country they’d be more proud to live in, say, like Kenya.

Please. Tell me more about about how the Republican candidates are inciting violence at their own rallies.

A new movement is taking off. It’s called the “F*** Your Flag Tour.” Sounds incredibly peaceful, right? It involves individuals showing up at Republican rallies and yep, you guessed it, stomping all over the American flag.

The members of the self-described “F*** Your Flag Tour” most recently popped up at a Donald Trump rally Sunday in West Allis, Wis. They posted themselves next to the line of thousands of people waiting to get into the Republican presidential front-runner’s event at the local high school.

They proceeded to lay the muddied flag on the ground and stand on it, triggering heated exchanges with those nearby.


One man shouted to the group, “My brother is fighting overseas for that flag, pick it up.”


He got into an argument with the protesters and tried to get close enough to pick up the flag but was blocked and shoved. Police eventually had to lead him away out of safety concerns.

Many of the protesters are unofficial Black Lives Matter goons, and they swear they’re walking over the flag for a noble cause. They’re confident that they’re shedding light on black oppression or something. Apparently, they’re not aware that it’s not the 1960s anymore.

Members of the movement told that Fox News stepping on the American flag symbolizes their stand against black oppression, pointing specifically to recent controversial killings of black men by white police officers, such as the Laquan McDonald case in Chicago.

And yet, members of the mainstream media continue to blame Donald Trump for the protests. I’m no Trumpster, but even I have to call BS on that. How on earth is that Trump’s fault? He’s forcing ungrateful brats to show up at his rallies and stomp all over our symbol of freedom? Give me a freaking break. I don’t buy that for one minute.

When asked why the group was specifically choosing Trump events, a lead member told Fox News it is because Trump did not denounce the Ku Klux Klan (a reference to praise from former KKK leader David Duke) and encourages racism.

But no worries. The group says it’s not just targeting Trump, but the “entire political system including Hillary Clinton.”

Mhm. How many Hillary and Bernie rallies have they crashed?

That’s what I thought. Tolerance, everyone.

Via Chicks On The Right

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