FLASHBACK: Obama Temporarily stopped Refugee Influx in 2011…because of Terrorism!


From Louder with Crowder

Someone get the Obama administration on the phone, a narrative was just busted. By the Obama administration itself. If this situation we’re a Christmas party, some audacious drunk might say “Awwwwkward.”

Today we’ll be the figurative drunk.

Syrian refugees flooding into Europe has been a problem we’ve talked about for months (read Europe Welcomes ‘Innocent’ Refugees…Who Turn out to be ISIS Jihadists). Are there legitimate refugees fleeing war-torn Syria? Of course. But color me suspicious when photos emerge showing 80 percent or so of those “refugees” are military aged men. Let’s also remember ISIS has bragged about sending jihadists amongst the refugees. This is a trojan horse scenario, not to be confused with your government provided condoms.

That’s the current situation facing our world, okay? Let’s flashback to 2011 when Iraqi refugees were trying to get into America. For those of you educated by Big Education courtesy of the teacher’s unions, that’s four years ago. I get it, math is hard.

In 2009 it was discovered terrorists were using the refugee program to get jihadists into America. In 2011 the refugee influx was overhauled. More math: two years. From ABCnews:

The discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky — who later admitted in court that they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq — prompted the bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists’ fingerprints.

I’d say that was the system clearly breaking down. The terrorist admitted to attacking American soldiers in Iraq. Then he hopped a midnight plane to Kentucky. But hey, he probably got the TSA pat down, so government is off the hook…

An intelligence tip initially led the FBI to Waad Ramadan Alwan, 32, in 2009. The Iraqi had claimed to be a refugee who faced persecution back home — a story that shattered when the FBI found his fingerprints on a cordless phone base that U.S. soldiers dug up in a gravel pile south of Bayji, Iraq on Sept. 1, 2005. The phone base had been wired to unexploded bombs buried in a nearby road.

So a long story made a bit shorter because bombs went off, the Obama administration decided to hit pause on the refugee influx. Back in 2011. Incidentally, what was going in 2011? This isn’t a question about which movies were doing well, so skip the IMBD search. An election season was gearing up in 2011, with a narrative from the Obama administration about “Osama is dead, terrorism is over, GM is alive.” Remember?

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