FLASHBACK: Somali Man Attacked People With Machete In Ohio In February

Earlier today news broke that their was a terrorist attack at Ohio State University. The Muslim Somali refugee drove into a crowd of people and plowed them over before stabbing them. He died as a result of the ensuing actions. It appears that eleven are injured in total. However, this is not the first time this man was violent. Some investigatory digging shows that he has a nefarious past that gives him away.


Earlier this year another Somali man took a machete and injured civilians on February 4th in Columbus, Ohio. His name was Mohammed Barry and he viciously attacked patrons and staff at a Israeli owned restaurant. He was eventually killed when confronted by police officers. The media later revealed that he was on the FBI watch list for terrorist behavior.

Barry was thirty years old and on the day of the attack he went into the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli on that Thursday around 5:00 p.m. He left after asking staff where the owner of the restaurant was. Thirty minutes later he came back and began attacking people with a machete.

As a result of the attack four people were taken to the hospital via an ambulance. It is unknown if they survived or not. Fortunately, police were able to catch up with the assailant approximately five miles away from the restaurant and they shot and killed him after he attempted to lunge at the cops with the machete.

Columbus has a large Somali population of refugees. Numbers indicates that around 38,000 Somali immigrants live in and around the Columbus area. The Ohio State University attack is clearly not the first one perpetrated by Somali Muslim refugees.

Correlation does not mean causation but this is no coincidence. It is clear that under the Obama administration their open door policy and liberal refugee program are coming at the ultimate cost of American lives.

The administration clearly cares more about appeasing the international community than they do protecting American lives domestically.

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