FLAT BROKE HILLARY Just Bought Multi-Million Dollar Mother-Daughter Home After Shady Foundation Busted

When Hillary Clinton claimed her family was dead broke after leaving the White House everyone took out a collective laugh. But her pandering or lying did not work. Her recent actions seem to prove she is anything but poor. 2014 IRA filings for their Clinton Foundation show some surprising results.

The filings show that $91.3 million was spent by the foundation in 2014 but only $5.2 million of that went to charity. Making the Clinton Foundation one of those charities like Good Will that accepts a lot of money but spends practically nothing on charity itself.

Instead, Hillary decided to spend some of that money on a multi million dollar home for her and her daughter Chelsea Clinton. The Clinton’s certainly know how to become rich in politics but then again if you are doing public service right you would not be making millions.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are expanding their Westchester home. They have bought the house next door to them to add to their large real estate collection. It is a three bedroom, 3,631 square foot, ranch style home that costed the Clinton’s $1.16 million. It is on a 1.51 acre lot in the Old House Lane in Chappaqua.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton are listed as the owners according to the Westchester County land and tax records from New Castle town. That is where Chappaqua is located. Well, so much for being dead broke. That was clearly a lie. But we knew that all along. Perhaps if she shelled out more money to her campaign instead of spending it on real estate she might be doing better in the polls.

She certainly does not represent the every man in America despite her protestations that she does. When you’re buying multi million dollar homes in wealthy communities that is kind of hard to purport that lie.

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