Fleeing Fugitive Shoves Combat Veteran Off His Bike… Realizes It Was a PAINFUL Mistake (WATCH)

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A combat veteran from Arizona found himself in the middle of a police chase on Thursday when a wanted man tried to carjack his motorcycle.

According to KNXV-TV, Brandon Jenkins was sitting at a stoplight in Mesa when the fugitive, Joshua Michael Monigold, jumped out of his pickup truck, approached him from behind and pulled him off of his bike. Instinctively, Jenkins responded by defending himself and protecting his bike.

In a video shot from a police helicopter above, Jenkins was seen being pulled off the motorcycle by Monigold. After getting his bearings, Jenkins went into attack mode and repeatedly fought Monigold off, going so far as to head-butt him.

After once getting on the bike and then being pulled off by Jenkins, Monigold gave up the fight, jumped back in his pickup truck and sped away. Police officers in unmarked patrol cars surrounded the men and immediately aimed their firearms at Monigold as he fled the scene.

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Jenkins said he initially wasn’t sure what he’d done to upset Monigold. However, the reason why he was being attacked quickly became evident as Monigold pleaded with Jenkins to give him his bike because he was being chased.

Responding the way he did was instinctive as a result of his time with the military in Afghanistan.

“I had instincts that kicked in and where I’ve been in life I learned to defend myself,” he stated. “And I don’t back down from nobody.”

Monigold was arrested when he crashed his pickup a short time later. He was wanted by police for a hit and run accident on March 19 and had 17 prior arrests.

As he sped away, Monigold unfortunately ran over Jenkins’ motorcycle, totaling it in the process. Although Jenkins said he plans to press charges, he warned other people from fighting back the way he did unless they have been trained in self-defense tactics.

“Just take a step back, let them take it,” he said. “You can replace your vehicle, you can’t replace your life.”

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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