RACIST Black Flight Attendant Does Unthinkable To Passenger Who Said “All Lives Matter”

When people shout Black Lives Matter everyone is expected to listen and be quiet but god forbid someone says All Lives Matter and something like THIS happens. A passenger on a Spirit Airlines fight was kicked off for shouting out All Lives Matter. The flight was from Largo to Houston and the passenger was kicked out before take off.

It all began when the flight attendant wore a shirt that said, “Black Lives Matter, White Supremacy Kills.” The passenger, Robert Coyle responded. He was visiting his family in Houston, Texas and,

 “I said to her, ‘All lives matter'”

According to Coyle the attendant responded,

“‘I disagree with you, I disagree with you on so many levels.’ And then she went into some sort of memorized, ‘I really can’t speak politically while I am in uniform’”

But that is funny considering the fact she is wearing a politically charged shirt while she is on duty and at word. That is a mighty big double standard she has there. Not to mention unprofessional and inflammatory. Clearly she was looking for trouble.

When Coyle tried taking a photo of the attendants shirt the attendant asked to see it and then proceeded to tell Coyle that he had violated airline rules. She immediately ordered him to delete the photo which he did. The plane went down the runway and the attendant did the safety demonstration as usual. That is when the attendant asked the pilot to go back to the gate so she could remove Coyle from the plane.

He said,

“No company should allow that to happen, unless they are willing to accept the consequences for that happening.”

Fox13 News asked Spirit Airlines for a comment and they responded that the attendant wearing the button with the phrase was a violation of their policies. The only official statement they have provided on the incident is the following,

“Spirit Airlines is proud of a diverse workplace with team members of many different backgrounds and beliefs. We are committed to providing a fun, friendly, and relaxed experience to all of our customers.

While we appreciate that Spirit employees have a wide range of personal views, the expression of those views should not interfere with their ability to provide a positive customer experience when in uniform and on duty. The photo indicates the Flight Attendant was not in compliance with our uniform policy.  We have addressed this with the flight attendant and have spoken with Mr. Coyle regarding this unfortunate situation.”

To repair the situation the airline offered restitution to Coyle and had informed him that despite her not being identified she had been disciplined after working for them for fourteen months. Coyle told the media he is happy with Spirit Airlines response saying,

“If you have something offensive on your uniform, you are going to offend customers. Customers pay the bills.”

It is nice to know that a company is holding its employees accountable for their behavior. This is an instance where they were in the wrong. Everyone has the right to their opinion but when you are employed by a business like an airplane where you are in constant contact with others you are bound to get a negative response when you have an inflammatory message on your uniform. You reap what you sow.

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