From Mad World News: A U.S. Army Ranger who boarded a U.S. Airways flight in Charlotte, North Carolina was blatantly disrespected by a flight attendant when he asked a simple question of where to hang his uniform coat.

Army First Sergeant Albert Marle requested to hang his medal-full suit jacket in first class, despite the fact he was seated in coach, hoping to avoid getting his honorable uniform wrinkled while en route to his destination, WSOC reported.

According to other passengers who witnessed his request, the flight attendant Marle asked the favor from immediately denied his suggestion, and even yelled at the decorated Ranger for inquiring such a thing. Several passengers came to Marle’s defense, one is now even considering switching his airline allegiance after the disrespectful incident, according to the news station.

“When he asked if he could hang his coat up to keep from getting wrinkled, he had a chest full of medals — many deployments. All she had to say was, ‘Yes,’” said Cliff Autrey, who was on the flight from Portland, Oregon and frequently uses the airline, but he is considering sending his business elsewhere following the incident.

A couple of First Class passengers who heard the ridiculous interaction tried to switch seats with the Ranger to allow him the benefit of hanging his jacked in the area deemed by the attendant to be solely for use by First Class flyers. Passengers who offered Marle their seats were also yelled at by the angry attendant.

As the confrontation began to escalate between the irrational airline employee and passengers, a separate flight attendant heroically stepped in and hung the jacket for the Ranger — in First Class.

For what it’s worth, the airline did issue an apology on Twitter.

The offending attendant should have realized that her right to hold her irrational ground and state her opinion are benefits afforded to her by honorable men and women like Marle, who fight to defend them. The least she can do is say “Thank You,” and hang this man’s coat.

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