BREAKING: SHOCKING Discovery Just Made On TWO Flights Filled With Somali Refugees

President Trump has made it clear through both his words and actions that cracking down on immigration is a number one priority to him. ICE has been doing raids for some time which have led to many illegal immigrants being arrested. He has also jumpstarted border wall funding. A new illegal immigrant development has revealed some interesting facts.

The Obama administration never took immigration reform seriously. They continuously treated our country like it had an open door. Which is what laid the perfect road for someone like Donald Trump to come along. When President Obama was in office he only deported 170 Somali illegal immigrants in the span of his last two years in office.

After breaking immigration laws in the United States shockingly 72 Somalis and 5 Kenyans were deported back to their home countries. Midnimo Information Center reported this information and that ICE is the one who carried out the orders. All of them were transported to their home countries via private plane to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport this past Friday morning.

An unnamed Kenyan official said,

They were deported over immigration issues including lacking papers. We had been informed of their planned arrival. The Somalis will proceed to Mogadishu while Kenyans will be processed here accordingly.”

Since President Trump was inaugurated this is the second raid that has led to the direct deportation of illegal immigrants. Primarily Somali. The Department of Homeland Security had worked side by side with the administration to follow through with these raids. Before this latest deportation raid, the first one led to 90 illegal immigrants of Somali origin and 2 illegal immigrants of Kenyan origin being sent back to their countries.

Somalia’s Ambassador to the U.S., Ahmed Isse Awad, has publically noted that the United States is looking to deport approximately 4,000 Somalian illegal immigrants. However, none of them have been detained yet by ICE at this time. But those who were already put in the plane have landed and reporters indicated they came off the plane in handcuffs and were immediately rearrested for a plethora of criminal offenses. Some of them included drug trafficking, sexual assault, and driving under the influence.

It is a staggering level of inefficiency that so many criminal illegal aliens walk the streets. But to make matters worse the former administration did not even care! The same children that Michelle Obama is imploring Republicans to protect with her healthy food program are the same kids in danger because violent criminals walk the streets without fear of deportation despite not belonging here.

The current President isn’t anti-immigration. He is just anti-illegal immigration. As he once said the following about paving a way for people who want to fulfill the American dream,

“We also want farm workers to be able to come in. You know, we’re going to have work visas for the farm workers. If you look, you know we have a lot of people coming through the border, they’re great people and they work on the farms and then they go back home. We like those people a lot and we want them to continue to come in.”

He even argued that curbing illegal immigration will be better for the economy saying,

“The influx of foreign workers holds down salaries, keeps unemployment high, and makes it difficult for poor and working class Americans – including immigrants themselves and their children – to earn a middle class wage … Every year, we voluntarily admit another [1] million new immigrants, [plus 1 million] guest workers, refugees, and dependents, growing our existing all-time historic record population of 42 million immigrants. We need to control the admission of new low-earning workers in order to: help wages grow, get teenagers back to work, aid minorities’ rise into the middle class, help schools and communities falling behind, and to ensure our immigrant members of the national family become part of the American dream.

Requirement to hire American workers first. Too many [contract worker] visas, like the H-1B, have no such requirement. In the year 2015, with 92 million Americans outside the workforce and incomes collapsing, we need companies to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed. Petitions for workers should be mailed to the unemployment office, not USCIS….

Immigration moderation. Before any new green cards are issued to foreign workers abroad, there will be a pause where employers will have to hire from the domestic pool of unemployed immigrant and native workers. This will help reverse women’s plummeting workplace participation rate, grow wages, and allow record immigration levels to subside to more moderate historical averages.”

If the former administration cared more about protecting Americans than criminal illegal aliens than perhaps more civilians would be alive and unscathed from these criminals who commit violent criminal acts. Thank God we have Donald Trump.

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