Florida Cops Receive Outpouring Of Support, Here’s One POWERFUL Letter Found On Patrol Car!

The recent shootings of Dallas police officers that left several of them dead has rocked the nation to its core. It’s been reported on internationally. Racial tensions are at an all time high, now more than ever. Despite the rancor and divisiveness surrounding cops a recent social media post on Facebook shows us their is still some faith left for humanity.

Walton County Sheriff, Michael A. Adkinson Jr., posted a photo to Facebook showing notes of encouragement, cookie donations, and paid tabs for police officers from his jurisdiction. Showing the community truly cares about their police officers.

In his Facebook post he said,

“We have had such an outpouring of support from our community it has left our deputies truly humbled. In three separate instances over the last two weeks WCSO deputies have been treated to acts of kindness. Whether it’s a quick note left on a car, multiple customers trying to pay for a deputies lunch, or bringing court deputies cookies we truly appreciate your support. We have no words. We are so truly honored to serve the people of Walton County.”


Some of the kind comments and gifts included the following,

Its nice to see police officers getting the thanks and congratulations they truly deserve. They sacrifice their lives every day so that others can be safe yet so often they a taken advantage of and stereotyped due to a few bad apples. Hopefully, Walton County isn’t the only county where acts of kindness are bestowed on law enforcement officers. Here is hoping others will continue these generous acts of kindness to others all over the country in different towns and cities in different states.

In the raucous of Black Lives Matter it’s easy to forget that Blue Lives Matter too. Let’s never forget that very important fact.

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