SAVAGE! Florida Deputy Accused Of Tasing Woman Sends Her A “Sorry I Tased You” Cake! (VIDEO)

Escambia County Officer Michael Wohler was at the end of his patrol shift and decided to make one stop. He dropped by an apartment complex to visit Stephanie Byron who was employed there, this turned out to be the worst decision of his life. Now the details get fuzzy because there’s a lot of he said, she said. She says that he used his authority as an officer to intimidate and harass her about her personal life. It appears that during Wohler’s visit, he took her sweet tea, refusing to give it back. When she went for it… his taser was discharged. He says he discharged it into a pillow and it was nothing more than ‘horseplay’. She says he discharged it into her neck then after she fell to the ground put his knee on her chest to “forcefully removed the Taser prods.”

Wohler sent Byron a picture of a cake that says ‘Sorry I Tased You’.


She said he claimed he had made the cake himself. He denies it. I can believe it, I can see a dude trying to use humor to get back in the good graces of a lady and really missing the mark. In any case, he resigned from his office a month after the incident. She has filed a federal lawsuit against him for harm, financial loss and humiliation.

The tacky part is that the guy (if he did send the picture- jury is still out on that), the photo of the cake NOT even baked by Wohler. He had downloaded the picture from the internet. The picture was of a cake that an officer baked for tasing his partner— over a year before the alleged incident. C’mon man, if you’re trying to apologize with a joke, make sure that joke is yours and not someone else’s. Otherwise you’re just making fun of the person you’ve originally injured.

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