All Out MUTINY In Florida Mall After What Pack Of 60 Thugs Forced On Shoppers And Shut The Place Down

Anybody ever heard that old saying “I went to the fights and a hockey game broke out”? Well, we get to replace “fights” with “mall” now. Delightfully enough, It seems the common courtesy and decency are officially dead, and there’s no public place safe from mobs, thugs and all out war between those who’s mama didn’t raise them with any manners.

The charming event to which I’m referring happened at Orange Park Mall in Jacksonville Florida on Saturday. There’s not a whole lot known about the event except that it was apparently “nobody’s fault.”

Via Truth Monitor:

A disturbing video is going viral this week showing a brawl at a Florida mall involving over 60 people that took place on Saturday.

Breitbart reported that five people were arrested at Orange Park Mall in Jacksonville after the massive brawl. Police estimate that at least 60 people took place in the massive fight, but that number was likely even higher.

Little information is available, but investigative reporters have found evidence suggesting that the brawl was premeditated. This was indicated in posts hinting at something happening at the same time the brawl broke out.

There is some speculation that the brawl might have been staged (shocking, I know) and all of this may have been a big publicity stunt gone wrong. I guess maybe it went exactly as planned though since we are all talking about it.

According to Breitbart News:

Action News Jax dug around on Facebook and suggests the fight was premeditated after seeing posts hinting at something happening at the same time the brawl broke out.

One person posted, “video shoot @6 it’s a movie,” which was later followed up after the brawl with a picture of the fight and the comment, “21 likes who wanna see it.”

Part of the rationale is about the girls wearing their matching shirts. Maybe the whole thing was planned out, and the shirts are kind of their hallmark. However, it’s probably just as reasonable to assume that they went to the mall in search of a good time and someone said something that ticked the rest of them off.

There’s the distinct possibility that this was done strictly in the search of fame and fortune. People today seem to think that the highest calling in the world is to “go viral” and that you’ll get to do anything or be anything if people just know your name. This is the dream folks, this is what people aspire to these days. That dream, combined with the natural anger that is somewhat in all of us makes for a pretty unfortunate climate in many places.

Regrettably, all of this is a sad commentary on our society and the slippery slope we are all on. Why is beating the crap out of anyone, friend, foe, or worst enemy, even an option to teenage girls? And how was there an adult involved in this beat down? Can someone explain to me how someone who gets to the age of 15 or 16 thinking that they can settle disagreements in this way will be reformed by anything other than death or prison?

What’s the end game here? What were these people planning to gain from being in the spotlight for 5 mins, or even from beating up a friend that ticked them off? No matter what the reason was, this activity was totally unacceptable. But we can’t tell them that, can we? Because that would be me “pushing my beliefs on someone.” In a society where we are told to “follow our hearts” what is taking it too far? If this is what their heart wanted, was it ok? What if the girl getting beat was actually in on it, did that make it ok? I mean, if she’s consenting, who are we to tell them what to do? Isn’t that legislating morality? Yes, it’s absolutely legislating morality, just like our founding fathers did. Somebody somewhere has got to draw the lines for those too ignorant to find it on their own.

So here’s the deal; this country was founded on Christian principles, and if you want to change that then you’re welcome to go vote for a democrat. But until those changes happen, this is still a country where we will legislate the “hell” right out of you, even if we have to put you in prison to keep you from being a detriment to yourself or others. So if you want to know what went down in Florida? Idiots abusing their freedom is what went down, but at least for some, they won’t be doing it again anytime soon.

(Source: Truth Monitor)

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