After Florida Muslim Sees Bikini Girls At Pool, He Goes Insane And Does This (VIDEO)

A video that was recently put online shows a Muslim man outraged that some young girls were weari bikinis at the pool. God forbid!!! I mean this is the United States of America and it is summer. But no no, let’s put on a sweater and sweatpants. The man confronted the young ladies.

Part of the video is incomprehensible. Little is audible. But as the Muslim man and several others are seen arguing he begins to walk away before coming back. As he starts to walk very fast back towards the pool and girls he pulls a taser on them.

A man defending the young girls can be heard yelling that the girls weren’t hurting anybody so to leave them alone. One of the young girls is behind the camera recording the incident while it occurs.

Where does this sense of entitlement come from? Where someone thinks they can dictate another Americans choice of clothing. News flash, if you don’t like it, look away, or better yet move away. Migrate to a country where people share your beliefs. To make it worse the girls cannot be seen wearing anything provocative, not that it matters.

The man should be arrested for creating a public disturbance and inciting a riot.

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