Florida Police Got Sick and Tired of Anti-Trump Protest…They Are Fighting Back…(VIDEO)

What a whirlwind of events since Trump has become our next President to enter the White House. Just this past week a police officer was attacked by a female protester who stole his pistol and handcuffs and then tried to use them against him.

It was a crown of rougly 20 people that had broke off from the the 100s that were protesting against Trump. Although they are not at this time authorized to talk about the case, we do know that the confrontation began when the undercover officers attempted to arrest a man who was spray-painting near a building they were at. As they were mid-arrest a woman came up and complained right before she snatched one of the officer’s handcuffs and struck him over the head several times.

Then a third suspect came up and punched the officer. These officers are assigned to protect the LAPD building, and the incident took place because the vandalism the original suspect was trying to commit was in their area of guard.

In New York over the weekend, there were protesters chanting to kill cops, kill pigs, murder police officers. Along with disgusting signs pushing for people to rape Melania and republican children.

What the hell is this?

Then have seriously lost their minds!

Police officers are getting sick of it. They are sick of it, and so are many many Americans across the nation, both Democrat and Republican. How could these fools not see that they are creating their own nightmare?

It was under Obama’s reign that they learned to behave like this and think that it was ok. And because of that, the rest of America didn’t want to put anther fool who condones this kind of behavior into the White House. So Democrats and Republicans voted TRUMP!

Why was it such a surprise? Why did the polls show it would be Hillary? Because…no one was allowed to say anything! Liberals simply wouldn’t allow anyone to have another opinion than them…which means only their opinion as being heard.

However, in the voting booth, you can voice whatever opinion you want to…no crazy liberal is standing at your side ready to call you a racist when you’re not.

It’s a sad truth. Liberals have completely gone bonkers.

Here is a video that shows…just how dramatic and waste of time they really are.

Police under Trump…do not fear doing the right thing, and it will only get better.

If you cross the line. You’re going to pay the consequences!

Take note….in all these videos, look who is playing the victim after they had just chosen to break the law and put others in danger. CLASSIC LIBERAL!

Now because they cannot get away without consequence..they are going to learn the hard way.

Pray for our men and women in blue who are out there having to face this crap on ground level. I don’t know what is worst…dealing with the violence or having to deal with the level of ‘stupid’ they are forced to witness being among the crowds of idiots.

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