Footage Found Showing Paris Bomber Before Attack… Where He’s At Will Make You Sick! (VIDEO)


via Conservative Tribune: As more details come to light about the perpetrators of Friday’s terror attack in Paris, the world is starting to get a better idea of just how savage these terrorists were.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that a video has surfaced purporting to show Ahmad Almohammad, the terrorist who blew himself outside of the Stade de France, laughing and dancing in a refugee camp.

There was no indication of the terrible acts he was going to commit. If Friday’s events had never happened, he would simply be another person having a good time in a video.

If this video does show Almohammad, it would add to the growing pile of evidence that at least some of the perpetrators of Friday’s attack infiltrated Europe through the steady stream of refugees from the Middle East.

Rastplatz, the organization that posted the video, insisted that these accusations are false, and even went so far as to claim that the man in the video was just another refugee.

“Please keep in mind that the people passing Preševo are actually fleeing from terrorism. ‘The laughing terrorist,’ as the Daily Mail named him, is likely to be one of many refugees who are fleeing from frequent attacks like the ones in Paris,” read the caption to the video.

It must be nice to be that deep in a state of denial.

We’ve put together a side-by-side photo of Almohammad (released by French authorities) and a screen shot of Almohammad from the video.

“There was no Interpol arrest warrant issued for this person. It has been established that his data matches the data of a person who on October 3 was identified in Greece,” stated the Serbian interior ministry, explaining its decision let Almohammad through.

Despite the evidence indicating that these terrorists used the refugee crisis to gain entry into Europe, there are still many who believe that nothing should be done to stem the tide of refugees.

Thankfully, the governors of many states in America aren’t among those people. Multiple states have stated that they will now refuse to accept President Obama’s 10,000 Syrian refugees because they are concerned about jihadis infiltrating America.

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