Football Player Gives Kaepernick The FINGER! Waves GIGANTIC Blue Lives Matter Flag on The FIELD!

In Licking Heights, Ohio, a high school football player made an iconic move that is worthy of a movie. L.A. Kelly II was pictured in uniform waving a Blue Lives Matter flag as he emerged from the smoke on the field. The boy’s father is a police officer, so he is well aware of the sacrifices that cops make every time they go on duty. It was also a figurative middle finger to Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter. It has police all over the nation cheering and I’m right there with them on it.

The photo has gone viral and with good reason. It reminds me of the Mel Gibson movie, “The Patriot.” While so many others are taking a knee for Black Lives Matter, this player has his facts in order, his head on straight and his heart and patriotism in the right place. Kelly got permission from his coach to do something special at one of their games to honor law enforcement officers and it is a rallying call to all of us. Blue Lives Matter.

From Right Wing News:

In Licking Heights, Ohio, there is a High School that houses at least on student athlete that isn’t afraid to represent and honor real heroes.

A high school football player was recently pictured wearing his uniform, and taking to the field, just he would normally do on any other game day, except this time it wasn’t any other day. A photo of the teen was captured of him holding a flag in his hand as he came out, and it has since gone viral, with police officers across the nation rallying behind it.

L.A. Kelly II was that player who was captured coming out to the filed waving an American Flag. It turns out that he is actually the son of a police officer, and so therefore knows precisely what kind of sacrifices officers make on a daily basis. Kelly took it into his own hands to fight back against the ill-informed hatred that the Black Lives Matter movement has been stirring up for cops across the country. Before game day, Kelly asked his coach if he could do a display that would honor law enforcement before the the game started.

Kelly carried a thin blue line American flag to honor our men and women in blue. People were quick to take photos of the act and it was shared by Ohio Going Blue’s Facebook page. “What an awesome young man with a bright future!” the post read. “Thank you to all involved for allowing our law enforcement officers to be recognized by our youth.”

With the NFL losing their mind over Black Lives Matter, in general disrespecting America, her flag, police and the military… it is comforting to know there are those out there that still know what is right and who the real good guys are. All those in the NFL, high schools, grade schools, cheerleading squads, bands, singers, etc. could learn something about true patriotism from Kelly. Maybe they forgot, this is what it looks like.


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