Forbes Lists The World’s Most Powerful People: 1. Putin, 2. Trump, LOOK Where Obama Landed On List!

It’s no secret that Barack Obama has considerably weakened the United States. And apparently, Forbes magazine thinks so, too. They just released their list of the most powerful people in the world. When Obama sees this list, he’s not going to be happy, either — his ranking is pretty darn embarrassing.

Coming in first place, to no one’s surprise, is Russian president Vladimir Putin. Second place was given to President-elect Donald Trump, a more surprising pick if you consider that he hasn’t even taken office yet. Third place was given to German chancellor Angela Merkel.


Barack Obama? He came in at a humiliating #48. Even Kim Jong-un of North Korea came in above Obama, at #43.

So why was Obama listed so low on the list? Maybe it’s because he never responds with strength to international crises, or threats on the United States. Take, for example, this week. China stole an underwater drone that belonged to the United States out of the South China Sea on Thursday. The entire world was watching, and Obama did… nothing.

Maybe that’s why Forbes ranked him so low on their list of powerful people. Because when it comes down to it, Obama just isn’t that powerful.

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