Former Federal Prosecutor Drops Bombshell, Obama Regime Becoming “Shariah-Adherent”


Does this really surprise anyone? I’m not surprised. This regime in the white house have done nothing but defend Islam. Muslims slaughter..they go out and defend Islam. All they have been doing is defending Islam. Obama lets the American people know who be stands by..and it ain’t us. Allowing a Muslim into the white house is a BIG BIG mistake. They will always choose Islam. Just the way it is.

Sorry..Truth can’t be hidden for long. They can scrub Islam from everything. It doesn’t change the fact America has a Jihad problem. Not only that..but how many terrorist attacks that happened on Obama’s watch.

Throw every one of these bastards in prison. Why do we continue leaving them in? That’s what infuriates me more than anything.

From Breitbart

Former prosecutor and National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy appeared on Monday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss his latest column, “Obama: Anti-Anti-Terrorist” with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon.

When Bannon welcomed McCarthy by noting that “you basically imply there are Islamic supremacists inside the national security apparatus of the United States government,” McCarthy replied, “I hope I did more than imply it.”

McCarthy said:

I stated it outright, and think that’s pretty clear, just from some reporting that’s recently come out about Laila Alawa, a 25-year-old Syrian immigrant who’s somehow on the Homeland Security advisory council, that gives the President advice on counter-terrorism policy – a woman who said that basically 9/11 was a good thing and changed the world for good.Read More


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