Former ISIS Sex Slave Gets In Front Of Congress And Calls Obama WEAK To His FACE!


The war going on in the Middle East has raged on for over a decade. Now that ISIS ha overtaken cities such as Mosul things have gotten worse. Especially as these terrorists ty and brainwash young children whose towns they invade. Obama is always insisting that ISIS is contained and the issue is under control. But every time we hear that we also hear of another story of young women enslaved by ISIS or another mortar attack against an innocent city of civilians.

Nadia Murad called Obama out for this failure. She was captured by ISIS and kept as a sexual slave with the intent to get her to breed ISIS children. She spoke before a Congressional panel and called President Obama weak straight in front of the whole world.

She urged the country, specifically our government, to continue waging a hard fought war against the radical Islamic jihadist group with full force. She is a Yazidi Christian woman who fortunately escaped in 2014 and testified to the atrocities she faced while under their capture. She was testifying to the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

She said,

“The USA must act. We must terminate Daesh and all such terror. Daesh will not give up their weapons unless we force them to give up their weapons. If a country as strong as your country cannot protect its citizens in Orlando, or in Belgium or in France how come a small minority like us can protect ourselves while we are in the heart of the land where the radicals are?”

She called out the Obama administration for paying lip service to those who want to take an aggressive approach against ISIS. While also calling out western countries for what the world perceives as weakness for being unable to take care of our own.

Watch her testimony here,

President Obama has refused to call ISIS radical Islamic terrorism. He also redacted statements from the 911 call that the Orlando shooter made so that it eliminated any mention of Islam. Clearly he has his priorities wrong and even this young woman knows that.

Until these animals are exterminated from the face of the planet their will never be a peaceful day. Certainly not for those civilians living in threatened areas that are susceptible to be overtaken.