Former Marine Held at Gunpoint After Landing on Terror Iist… Now We May Know Sickening Reason


From Conservative Tribune: Radio show host and former U.S. Marine Pete Santilli and his co-host Debra Jordon were arrested at gunpoint this past week as they were heading out west to cover an ongoing story they had been covering involving the Hammond Ranch family in Oregon.

The ranching family members were considered possible terrorists, and the government had a plan in place to arrest the men of the family in January. Santilli has been covering the family for months and this arrest seemed to be, by his account, a little fishy.

Santilli said of the ordeal that the arresting officer, Newtown, Ohio, Chief of Police Thomas Synan Jr., claimed that Santilli had been impeding traffic. However, the reason for the arrest was that Santilli’s name and vehicle were supposedly on the terror watch list.

In a recording of the arrest, Synan claimed that Santilli was impeding traffic by using his phone, then claimed that Santilli was not wearing his seatbelt. According to Santilli, none of that was true, Freedom Outpost reported.

Sanity said he was using his electronic vapor and then had picked up his cellphone to begin recording once Synan pulled him over. Synan then asked for Santilli’s driver’s license and registration.

Synan asked if Santilli had a gun in the car, to which Santilli replied that he did and told the officer where it was. It was registered to him and was located in his bag.

That is when Synan, unprovoked, stepped back from the car, unholstered his weapon and pointed it at Santilli’s head demanding that Santilli and his co-host put their hands in the air.

Then things got even stranger.

“Ste…. keep your hands up — put your hands up now,” Synan yelled.

That is when Synan radioed for back-up and stated, “I need another unit to start this way. Subjects on the terrorist watch list. Got a gun in the car.”

Once backup arrived, Synan then stated, “90, vehicle matched to the terrorist watch list — along with names.”

Sanitlli and his passenger were both arrested. The official reason given was that they were booked on a gun charge, but there was never any mention as to how Santilli wound up on the terrorist watch list in the first place.

Santilli now has a court date set in January which he must address while also continuing to cover the Hammond ranching family — which, one is forced to suspect, may have been the entire reason for this traffic stop in the first place.

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