Former Obama Advisor On Homeland Security [MUSLIM], Speculates Trump Behind NYC Bombing

What a freaking disgrace Mohamed Elibiary is. And a stone cold enemy within as well. After the IED went off in Manhattan last night, instead of going for Jihadist terrorists, who I am 1000% certain are behind it, he turned around and had the nerve to blame Donald Trump for the blast that injured 29. That’s rich coming from a guy who was booted from the DHS Advisory Council for being too radical. A man who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and has said the US is an Islamic country and an ISIS caliphate was inevitable.

This is textbook… Islamists and Marxists always point their finger at people and blame them for things that they do or sanction. Here we go again. Trump no more had ties to this than the Man in the Moon… to say he does is a monstrous lie and libelous, not to mention extremely incendiary. If I remember correctly, he was in the air when it happened, not that it matters. Pressure cooker bombs are the signature of Islamic terrorism… think Boston Marathon.

From The Federalist Papers Project:

Because I guess he’s just kind of a dirtbag, Mohamed Elibiary again stuck his foot in his Muslim mouth and decided to suggest that Donald Trump was behind the New York City bombing Saturday night.

It doesn’t matter that Elibiary was terminated as a member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council because of his radical views.

It doesn’t even matter that Elibiary said that an ISIS caliphate was “inevitable” or that America is an “Islamic Country.”

All of this got him in hot water.

Now he’s just kind of a has-been … roaming about the Internet, desperate to stay relevant.

Perhaps that’s why he chose Saturday night to make this incendiary comment:


He’s not only the first to mention it, he’ll probably be the only one. This guy is hateful. He hates American, Trump and ANYTHING that is not Islamic. Three months ago, he attacked the Coptic Christian community in Egypt. After a prominent Coptic businessman expressed support for Trump, Elibiary ominously warned that support would be “not good 4 Copts in Egypt.” Yes, I know his kind well… I have friends that are Coptic and one is very connected in Egypt. That was a threat.

He also spoke in December of 2004 at a conference honoring virulently anti-American Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini. Elibiary is a radical Islamist and he is dangerous. He’s also an unmitigated dirtbag.



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