Former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, used to be on President Obama’s direct body guard detail. After witnessing numerous shady backroom deals he decided enough was enough and he was going to make a run at a Congressional seat for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

Bongino posted the news about being dropped from Obamacare for the second time via his Facebook page, and held back nothing when describing his displeasure for the incompetent President.

“This is unbelievable. This is now the second time Obamacare has canceled the health insurance plan me, my wife, and daughters have relied on. After canceling the plan we have enjoyed, then “un-canceling” it when his political cronies told him about the political price, it has now been canceled again.”

Everyone has warned Obamacare supporters that the price of this program would continue to increase causing further hardships to Americans. Early in the week Florida announced premiums would rise over 17%.

“Does this elitist, out-of-touch administration have any idea the chaos and stress they have caused? I’m tired of organizing my life around the power-hungry whims of the DC insider class. We have a serious health condition in my family that requires constant monitoring and, since Obamacare passed, have spent more time worrying about its impact on us rather than worrying about the medical condition. When is the Obamacare disaster going to end?”

Bongino’s facebook post is show below

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