Former President George W. Bush calls out Islamic Terror during Texas Speech

From Young Cons: Democrats like to say that George W. Bush never referred to crazed jihadists as radical Islamists.

That wasn’t the case then, and it’s not the case now.

Here’s Dubya calling out Islamic terror groups during a speech given in Texas back in February 2015…

From WJ:

Former President George W. Bush made a declarative statement when speaking about the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other radical Islamic groups in Texas Wednesday.


During the question and answer session, no cameras were allowed. But the 43rd president made a poignant remark that struck a chord with the crowd.

“Evil is real.”

“So one of the real dangers is an isolationist tendency,” Bush added. The former commander-in-chief did not make any reference to President Obama’s ISIS strategy, the president himself, or any potential 2016 presidential nominee – Republican or Democrat.

43’s favorable ratings have spiked in the years since he’s left office, as history looks favorably upon those who love America with a passion.

The same cannot be said about Barack Obama and his incompetence.

W. was a class act through and through, and as much as the Left hates to admit it, the guy was a lot smarter than he put on.

We were safe when the Bush administration was in office, and we will be more safe when another Republican is back in office.

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