Former QB Peyton Manning Pisses People Off With What He Said After Going Golfing With Pres. Trump

Being a celebrity has some pretty cool perks. Not only do you get to have lots of money to buy fancy cars and to go fun places, but you get to brush shoulders with other really cool people. Some attain this through business, some through election to public office, and still others through their athletic chops. The latter is true of recently retired NFL quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning was arguably the best QB in the league, and to say that he went out on top would be an understatement. The champion football player did some pretty impressive things during his time in the NFL, but it looks as if he’s enjoying his retirement to the fullest. Not only does he not have to play against his little brother Eli anymore (that’s gotta make for better family gatherings) but he gets to do things like play golf with the leader of the free world.

Manning was invited to play golf with President Trump while he was in D.C., and despite the liberal heads that could be heard exploding around the world, he accepted the offer. This makes sense because for one, Manning is known to be a Republican, and two, well it’s the President. This didn’t keep people from being quite put off by Manning’s respect for our leader. They even tried to get him to admit that President Trump cheated during their game. As you can probably guess, he didn’t cheat, and Manning didn’t have any dirt to report.

Rolling Stone:

While Peyton Manning was in Washington D.C. to receive the Lincoln Medal for embodying Abraham Lincoln’s legacy, he spent some of his time on the links at the Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Virginia with the president. The former NFL quarterback spoke with Jimmy Kimmel, who immediately asked: Did Trump cheat?

Manning said Trump played an honest game (‘I was counting his strokes,’ he said with a laugh). Manning also said that people tried to talk him out of it when the White House first called him, but felt it would’ve been ‘un-American’ to decline the offer.

‘I heard Arnold Palmer say one time, ‘If the President of the United States ever asks you to play golf, you do it,” Manning said. ‘It was a fantastic experience. Riding the motorcade over there — I’ve never felt safer playing golf. We had 30 golf carts behind us. [Trump] was a great host. He loves sports … it was just the experience of playing with the office that was pretty cool to me.’


It’s a rare occurrence for any celebrity or athlete to engage with Trump these days. Even Trump’s close friend Tom Brady publicly distanced himself from the President since he was sworn in.

Manning discussed how retirement is treating him, who he plans to make fun of the most at the ESPYS, the problems with fantasy football fans and – oddly – his nostalgia for the team locker room. ‘I guess more than anything what I miss is the camaraderie and the — of course [I miss showing with teammates]. There’s a group shower at this health club. I miss the showers, definitely miss the showers.'”

Manning also said later in the interview “I’ve had a chance to play with President Bush before,’ Manning said. ‘If President Obama or President Clinton asked me, I’d be there in a heartbeat. It was just the experience of playing with the office that was pretty cool to me. And I think it would have been almost un-American to have said no.”

I love that the first place everyone’s mind goes to is cheating. It seems to be almost impossible for those who are plugged into the mainstream media to imagine that this man who’s been built up to be the world’s biggest villain could possibly do anything not dripping with dishonesty. Turns out, he might not be the monster that the world would have you believe.

This game was the topic of conversation for a lot of people lately, and some are even projecting tha this might be a nod toward political aspirations on the part of Manning.

Saturday Down South:

“Manning explained that he was already in Washington D.C. to receive an award at a banquet when the White House called with the invitation. The Volunteer legend says some people told him not to do it – he even jokingly suggested that Jimmy Kimmel was one of those people – but he explained to the talk shot host why he took President Trump up on the invitation, citing an Arnold Palmer quote about respect for the office.

Rumors suggest that the retired quarterback may soon have to decide between the gridiron and the beltway. The political media has linked Manning to a potentially open US Senate seat in 2020, but UT coach Butch Jones recently hinted that Manning may get into coaching sometime ‘down the road.'”

The main thing that I think we can take away from what Manning said is that he really wants to cut down on the divisiveness that the country is experiencing. Manning obviously has no problem with President Donald Trump, he may even like the guy, we can’t tell from the interview. And that might have been the point; he wants to make sure that people know there’s not just one narrative about the President. So far Manning doesn’t have any reason to side with the President and alienate his fans so soon after leaving his much-loved position, but he took the time to say something good about the President, and about the fact that he holds the most prestigious office in the land.

Like him, don’t like him, he’s the President and according to all unbiased reports he’s not such a bad guy. He also deserves respect because of his office, and it’s nice to see someone from the rich and famous camp finally giving him some.

(Source: Rolling Stone)

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