Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino Rips Big Gov’t Apart In Facebook Post


Whats not to love about Dan Bongino, the man is former Secret Service agent who did direct presidential detail, he’s a beast, he knows the ins and outs of the system like no one else and he’s been a witness to the shady deals that have taken place. This man is a hero, he’s no different than a warrior fighting overseas, he a warrior for the people. As a severely wounded veteran I know this man will have our back, and that’s why i’m supporting him.

I follow Dan on Facebook and I urge you too as well. He’s running for a congressional seat in Maryland 6th Congressional District. He’s married to a first generation immigrant and successful business owner and has a beautiful family. You cannot say this man is not in touch with the reality Americans face.

Just yesterday Dan posted this incredible post about how Big Government is destroying our nation, take  a look:




For more information on Dan he can be found here: 




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