Former Secret Service Agent Reveals Which Lie Hillary Told That Had Them All ‘Laughing Their Faces Off’ (WATCH)

Former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne has been all over the news as of recently. He has a new book out detailing the real Hillary that he’s witnessed while still an Agent. I think we’re all aware that the Hillary we see on TV is a caricature of a normal human being.

We all know of Hillary’s current scandals, but those in the Secret Service were in the unique position of knowing when she was full of you know what before the rest of us did. As reported by BizPacReview;

Former agent Gary Byrne said Clinton’s 2008 claim in a speech that she was under sniper fire during a 1996 mission to Bosnia was “a flat-out lie.”

“Anybody that worked around them (Clinton’s) in the Secret Service, when they saw that they started laughing their faces off because they knew that was a flat-out lie,” Byrne said on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday.

I imagine they reacted the same way when she blamed a YouTube video for the attack in Benghazi.

The rest of the contents in the book would cost Hillary Clinton the election if everyone read it. While Trump has his share of scandal, none compare to those of the Clinton’s.

The other night I saw Bryne on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss the book. Byrne talked about Hillary Clinton’s temperament, her “terrified staff,” Bill Clinton’s affairs, and drug use in the White House.

Byrne said Clinton was feared by her staff and was notorious for her yelling. Byrne  she had routinely lost her temper at him and other Secret Service agents.

“She gets angry at things that are policy issues that, you know, take time to fix, and she’s got this attitude where she wants things fixed right now, immediately. She screams and yells at people.”

Trump yells at people too – but at least he doesn’t try to hide who he really is out on the campaign trail.

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